Dirty phone talk with Lucy

dirty phone talk

I’m Lucy the dirty phone talk slut and my little pussy is throbbing and sore as fuck right now. I keep sneaking off and finger fucking my little cunt for my callers. I’ve been up all night hanging out with Daddy and his friends. He’s having another football party so all of these old men are drunk as fuck. They’ve been grabbing my tits and ass all night and reaching up my skirt, trying to rub my little bald cunnie. I’ll sit on their laps and grind my little ass into them, just to tease their cocks a little. You know, the usual shit that happens when Daddy has a group of friends over. I heard him and his friends whispering earlier. They were making bets about the game and they didn’t think that I could hear them. They were wrong though, I could hear every word. I didn’t miss it when Daddy put my sweet, tight cunnie on the table as a wager in his bet! Looks like I’m going to be spending the rest of my night getting my hot, little cunt slammed and pounded by whoever wins this bet. The game is almost over so you better hurry up and call me so I can make you jerk your dick and cum for me. Pretty soon I’ll be on all fours, with hard dicks ramming my mouth, ass and pussy so I’ll be too busy to take a call.

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