Dirty Phone Talk with Mason

I always love working out with him. He’s the most amazing trainer, and he always knows just how to get me off, too. He started fingering me as I was on the floor, doing crunches, and he was just close enough to me that I could pull him down to my level and get my hands on that cock. I stripped him right down and crunched up to lick on his balls. To keep the exercise going, I kept my lower half pumping up and down, also allowing myself to fuck his fingers. Dirty phone talkAfter we fucked each other like that for a while, we switched it up. I knelt down and sucked his dick while he pumped my head back and forth on it. He got close, then pulled me off. He lifted me up and laid me back on the bench to lick at my cunt for a bit. I ground all over his face again and again, and he finally drew an orgasm out of me. Once he finished sopping those juices out of me with his tongue, he lifted me again, laying back on the bench himself and settling me down on his dick. We both worked our bodies hard and fast for a long time, I lost track of how much. We came together so many times, and I swear, I will do it again with him next week!

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