Dirty Phone Talk with Me While Your Wife’s Asleep

dirty phone talkI Love Dirty Phone Talk with Married Men

Dirty phone talk is perfect for two married people who want to have a little fun on the side. You get tired of fucking the same pussy over and over again. And there are so many sexy, slutty women who love to fuck. Women like me that love doing all the nasty things you have to beg your wife for. It’s the same for me. I love my husband, but thinking about a strangers cock makes my slutty mouth water. Thinking about this new dick in my face, pressing against my lips and in my mouth. Fuck, I’m already getting horny.

Married Phone Sex with Anal Whore Trisha

Your wife is still home, but you call me anyway. It makes your cock hard knowing that she could walk in on you stroking your cock to married phone sex. I can hear how horny you are when you call me and it makes my pussy drip like a fountain. Tonight you’re craving a sloppy throat fuck and a tight asshole. And mine need to be slutted out. I take one of my thick ass dildos and slide it into my mouth. You can hear me spitting and slurping on it to get it lubed up. Then the moan when I slide it inside of my ass.

Your balls fill up with cum while you hear me fuck my asshole for you. I keep slamming that thick cock in my ass and begging you to fuck me. My tight asshole stretching and squeezing around that cock. My tight fuck hole wants to milk that dick and you can hear how badly I need a cock inside of me. Your wife would never say the things I do. My mouth gets nastier the harder I fuck my ass. you can hear the dildo slamming into my slutty shithole. Nut in my ass while your wife’s sleeping.

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