Dirty phone talk with Miss Remi

dirty phone talk

I love being a sissy training slut by day and having dirty phone talk all night. I take kinky calls all night long from little sissy men who know what they really are deep down inside. I can turn even the biggest and most tough guys into dressed up little fairy dolls that love to please Miss Remi! The first sissy bitch I turned out was my own brother! I caught him in my room, wearing my panties. The more I laughed at him, the harder his little cock grew. I forced him to stroke it and tell me what a pretty, girly bitch he was. He reached down and before he could even touch his tiny clittie, he had a big wet spot right in the front of those silky pink panties! I called our older step brother in and showed him what had happened. Together, we held him down and force fucked his tight, virgin he-pussy. We showed him what happens to sissy whores who get caught in their sister’s panties! He wanted to act like a sissy slut so we treated him like one!

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