Dirty phone talk with Mommy Gia

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk makes my pregnant Mommy pussy so fucking wet. I’ve never been hornier than how I am now with my current pregnancy. My hormones are raging, my tits are swelled up with milk, my belly is big and swollen, I look and feel so damn good and all I can think about is having my slutty fuck holes ravaged by a throbbing, hard ass cock! Look at how pink and perfect my juicy cunt is, so fucking delicious and edible. I love how much you love it! I squirt non-stop, so sticky and wet, my bed sheets are always fucking drenched. Every time I take a pervert’s cum shot I want to be as messy as fucking possible. Getting creampied is so damn sexy, the more jizz that’s oozing out of my preggo pussy, the better! We get nasty as fuck together and it only turns me on even more to have you play with me! Dirty talking women like me are the best, nothing is off limits or too taboo when it comes down to the wild kinky shit that we love to do! I’m the nastiest MILF around and you can’t get enough of me!

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