Dirty Phone Talk with Mommy

Dirty phone talkHe needed me, and I love to be needed. He’d been picked on and bullied by his peers all day, and came home in quite the mood. He started yelling at me, and almost immediately apologized. I brought him to the living room, settled him onto the couch next to me, and asked him about his day. As he told me, he laid his head on my chest, and then slowly started to turn it inward as he spoke, looking for comfort. I wound up taking my shirt off, and allowing him to latch on to my tit. He suckled there for quite some time, sniveling like the little brat that he is. After a bit, I reached down and grabbed his hand and slid it between my thighs, placing it directly over my cunt. I knew he would understand, and he did. He started drawing slow circles around my clit as he nursed at my tit, then slid his tiny hands down to slide little fingers into my pussy as far as they would go. Eventually, he got to where he was sliding the whole hand inside of me, and fucking me by punching up into me. He’s such a good boy that I decided to comfort him by taking his little prick out of his pants, and stroking it with my hand. He started thrusting his hips up into my hand, trying hard to fuck himself, but I slowed down and wouldn’t let him help me. He finally got the picture, and settled back down to let me stroke him. Well, when he finally came all over my hand, I made him quit suckling long enough to lick it all off and clean it all up, then kissed him full on the mouth to share in the taste of him. Mommy loves her good boy so much.

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