Dirty phone talk with my boys in the pool

dirty phone talk

I am going skinny dipping in the pool tonight while my son and his friend have a sleep over. I may be doing it to see what kind of reaction they give me. It does not take long until they both wander out in their boxers and ask to get in. I do not even respond, I just start splashing them, drenching them.

Lucky them, that is not the only way they will be getting drenched. They unleash the beasts in their underwear and I am taken back at how erect they are already. I feel my pussy tingle in the water. As soon as they get in, I start to course their cocks into my hands.

I love jerking them both off at the same time. They grab my tits and kiss on my neck. I straddle my sons friends waist and guide his cock into my pussy as my son, spreads my ass apart and shoves his big dick in my ass. I do all the moving, jerking their bare cocks off inside of me.

I love feeling them wanting to buck their cocks deeper and deeper inside of me.

My pussy starts to tighten and twitch on my sons friends cock. I feel him unloading his cum inside of me at the same time. My son squeezes my tits from behind and blast his cum load in my ass. I am so lucky to be full of sticky jizz.

My boys know how to fuck their mommy just the way I like it and crave it. Next is to do a chicken fight, but of course all that will entail is chocking those cocks with my holes some more. I want to see how much I can make those dicks bust.

I love getting that cum out and making it fill each of my holes!

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