Dirty phone talk with nasty Flo the ho

Dirty phone talkI really do love a kinky Dirty phone talk. Those conversations make my cunt purr like a kitty cat. I love it when a man knows exactly what he wants from me and goes for it. No bullshit no hinting around the corner. Just straight out no-nonsense, he is getting what he came for. Those sexy men drive me crazy. Like the time Tony popped over for a quicky but not with me with my young wee one just bouncing around my legs. He wanted my help and he wanted me there to watch as he fucked my little innocent girl. I was so turned on by him and the way he presented himself. He could have gotten a yes for anything out of me. Giggles, I guess getting a yes out of me is not that hard but still, I was straight out turned the fuck on by him. I stripped my little girl down Tony was watching as I put on the show for him. I told her to go do her ballerina bit for Tony and she did. Twirling around him and giggling. She thought it was so funny him playing and stroking his dick. I picked her up and sat her on his lap I guided his dick to her little virgin cunny hole. I looked at Tony and smiled as I pushed her tiny body down on that 8 inches. She squirmed and whined a little but she was being a good girl. I whispered in her ear that if she did this right she would get a sweet creamy surprise from Tony. She got so excited she just loves surprises. I got her halfway down Tony’s dick when he busted his nut deep inside her. He said her cunt was so fucking tight it was like a glove three sizes too small. There are tons of Dirty Talking Women out there but I sometimes feel I am one of the dirtiest.

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