Dirty phone talk with Paisely

dirty phone talk


Who’s down for some dirty phone talk with a young, hot breeder mommy? I have family in town this week so my brats are getting lots of attention and taking lots of cum! We’ve been training them for a while but most of my family didn’t know until a few days ago. My uncle woke up in the middle of the night and caught me and the brats, taking turns riding Daddy’s big dick. He walked in and joined us when he heard me telling them to beg Daddy for cum. My little, mini sluts were all over him the second he walked in. It was so hot watching their tiny cunnies slide up and down his big dick! He was grunting and moaning so loud that he woke my cousins up, so of course we let them join! The more cum my brats take, the faster they can be little preggo whores like mommy. I’ll tell you all about our family fun when you call me, but for now my brats are up and begging to be fucked again. I’ll be playing with my pussy and watching my little ones tease my Daddy’s dick until you call!

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