Dirty Phone Talk with Perfect GFE

Dirty phone sexI have a secret. I’m a princess, the perfect girlfriend and escort for any occasion, so most people would never suspect….that I love anime. And, not just anime, but hentai, too! I knew he’d been trying to keep it from me because he thought that I would laugh at him or think less of him. I’d found his stash, and I was determined to let it be a strength in our relationship. So, I went out and bought a new one from the sex shop down the street, brought it home, and had a whole evening planned around it to surprise him with. I’d made finger foods that we could eat while watching tv, and had blankets and pillows and everything to make the evening comfortable. He came in to find all this, and was immediately excited about movie night. We got comfortable and started munching just as the movie started. I could see the instant that it registered with him what I had put on for movie night, and he got so red. Fantasy phone sexIn no time, I was on top of him, whispering in his ear that it didn’t have to be his secret alone anymore, that we could share it. I started undressing him, running my hands up and down his body, putting his hand on my wet pussy, just as the first sex scene hit. He was done for. He grabbed my hips, buried himself in me, and in only a few short thrusts, he was done. He told me how fucking sexy I was, and how much he appreciated me, before he lifted me up and started cleaning himself out of my cunt and eating me to my own orgasm. We finished the movie, and fucked a few more times, but I definitely look forward to more movie nights in the future!

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