Dirty phone talk with Quinn

dirty phone talk

I’m Quinn the dirty phone talk slut, here to be a filthy freak and make you jerk your dick for me! I’m the typical white trash, cum loving party whore like you find hanging around bars and truck stops in almost any town. It doesn’t take much to get my panties off and all the guys know it! Sluts like me need that easy buck for a quick fuck and won’t hesitate to do anything we’re told. None of my slick, wet holes are off limits to your stiff dick but my specialty is deep throating. I’ll suck you so good you can’t speak and have your eyes rolling back while you bust a big nut in my mouth. Once we get that first load out of the way, I’ll keep slurping my slut lips all over your fat mushroom head and big, thick shaft until you’re nice and stiff again. Shove your slobbery, cum covered cock deep in my asshole and pound me! I want to hear your big balls slapping up against my ass! I’ll be rubbing my clit, making my whore cunt cum for you while you’re slamming my shit hole! Don’t keep me waiting baby, I’m ready to make this happen now!


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