Dirty phone talk with Remi

dirty phone talk

I’m Remi, the slut trainer and I’m looking for sissy bitch men to turn into sexy, cum dump sluts. I’m not just a dirty phone talk whore. I’m a real life, sissy bitch training slut who loves fat, hard dick! I know a sissy, twink fuck like you loves fat, hard dick too! So why don’t you let me transform you into the cum dump cutie we both know you are?! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about dressing like a whore and giving your cum hole to a fat dick Daddy! We’ll make sure Daddy’s little slut is dressed up really cute! Some sexy, lacey panties and a little bralette will look so sexy on you! Let me show you how to tuck your balls just right, so that when Daddy spreads your legs all he sees is that pretty, little clittie poking out! Miss Remi is going to reach over and tease your clittie while the big, round head of Daddy’s cock pops into that tight pussy hole for the first time. I know Daddy is going to love that cute, little whimper and moan when he starts to stretch you open and shoot his sticky cum shots into you! Don’t hesitate baby, Miss Remi is ready to train you now! 


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