Dirty phone talk with slutty Pam

          Dirty phone talk with slutty Pam. You want to get really nasty. I will match you and suck on your cock so hard that I am pulling your cum up out of your scrotum. Tongue wrapping all around you. Down the length of your cock. Squeeze your cock and balls.

          Now you may be thinking that blowjobs are not your thing. It isn’t really what you are into. I personally love not like but love to give a blowjob. Tasting that sweet cum dripping down my throat. Cock hitting my tonsils. A finger slipping up your ass massaging you.

          Then tell me what you really like. A perverted mind perhaps. That would have me thinking of giving you a golden shower. Shitting on your chest and rubbing it all over your body.

          In summary we are dirty talking women and all of us will work to get your off and let me know your preference and I will make you cum hard. Fulfill all your fantasies.  

Dirty phone talk

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