Dirty phone talk With Susan And Sonya

Dirty phone talk Dirty phone talkI want to have a little Dirty phone talk with you. I want to tell you about Sonya she is a P-mommy in training under my guidance. I have been teaching her for months and today she is going to please my teenage son. My son has been wanting a piece of Sonya’s ass for some time now. But I kept telling him no into she was ready. Well, today she is ready! I had my son sit in the recliner and had Sonya stand before him. I told her first to do a little dance and strip down for my son. Which she did a great little strip tease for him. My son was liking what he was seeing. He pulled out his dick and was jerking himself off watching her. I have to admit my cunt was getting wet too. I thought I was going to have to do a lot of directing Sonya in what to do but no she is a natural little slut. After her little strip tease, she got down on her knees and crawled in between his legs. She wrapped her sweet lips around my son’s cock head and I could see she was doing something with her tongue just on his dick head something my son was fucking enjoying a lot. He leaned his head back and moaned. That is when Sonya slid her mouth down his long thick shaft. She was gliding up and down on his dick but I could see she was not reaching his balls so I helped out pushing her head all the way down. Her drool was dripping out all over his dick and balls. I could see she was enjoying his dick as much as he was enjoying her mouth. And I was enjoying watching my teenage son enjoying another older woman. Sonya and I are Dirty Talking Women and can’t wait to have a dirty nasty talk with you.

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