Dirty phone talk with Tasha

dirty phone talk

I went to a sleepover at my best friend’s house last night and had so much fun! Her Daddy walked in and busted us rubbing our cunnies and being dirty phone talk sluts! He said that he was in the other room and could hear us telling guys what we were doing to each other. He pulled his big daddy dick out and told us that we had to make him cum or we were in big trouble! We both got on our knees and started sucking and stroking him. I took him down my throat while she ran her tongue all over his balls and asshole. I got on that fat, hard dick and started riding him until he shot a load of cum in me. Then, I sat on my bestie’s face and made her catch it all in her mouth! Of course, he pumped her little pussy next. We drained his balls and went right back to talking on the phone and finger fucking each other. I can’t wait until our next sleepover this weekend!


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