Dirty phone talk with Tasha

dirty phone talk


Today is my birthday and Daddy got me a new toy! Daddy spoils me because I’m his little cum loving slut and I always keep him happy. He got me a new vibrator and of course, I let him watch me use it for the first time! He knows that his slutty, little princess loves teasing her cunnie and enjoying the freakiest, dirty phone talk with older men! I turned it on and started teasing my clit with it for Daddy when my phone rang. I let Daddy sit on the bed with me and jerk his dick while I was on my call. Seeing his cock getting so hard for me, really turned me on! I wanted to taste his cum so bad! I just watched and drooled over the big, hard cum cannon in front of me while I talked to my caller. Eventually, I couldn’t hold back anymore. Good thing my caller didn’t mind listening to a dirty, little whore, sucking her Daddy off and swallowing his cum! Now, I’m all alone with just my new vibrator to keep me company. Care to join in and hear me make my pussy gush for you?

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