Dirty phone talk with Tasha

dirty phone talk

It’s going to be a freaky weekend for this dirty phone sex slut! I have my eye on my next fuck and I can’t wait to seduce him into giving me his dick and his seed! A new family moved in next door and the Daddy can’t keep his eyes off of me. That might be partly my fault though because his bedroom window is right across from mine. I’ve been “accidentally” flashing him my titties and tight pussy all week! I’ve been keeping my window open, especially when I’m talking on the phone. I sit there with my legs spread open wide, rubbing my tight, pink pussy and watching porn with the volume turned all the way up. I wait for him to walk by and then act all surprised when I see him watching me. I’ve been teasing him and watching him jerk his dick for a few days now. I’m ready to call him over and let him slam his thick, meaty cock into my tiny, tight cunnie. I’m a lot younger and hotter than his worn out, hag of a wife and I know she’s not fucking him. It’s just a matter of time before he’s knocking at my door and begging to fuck. Tonight might be the night because I had a fuck buddy over earlier and neighbor guy was watching the whole time that I was getting my wet cum hole pounded. He was stroking his cock and watching while I was on my back with my pretty pussy getting drilled and stretched by a thick, heavy fuck rod. The louder I moaned the faster he jerked his dick so I had fun teasing him. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and moaning so loud while my date was making my little whore cunt squirt and gush all over his huge dick. Neighbor guy didn’t work up the courage to cum over and join me but I still really want his dick. Why don’t you call and make me moan to see if we can get him to cum join us??


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