Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

It is summer time and I am so happy to be out and about hangout with friends. However, my parents suggest that I get a part time job, to help pay for the fun things I want to do. So I never knew how hard it would be to find a job since I guess everyone had the same thought in their heads as well.

I am going to offices that are around time to maybe get a little secretary summer job. My first stop is one down the street and they do plastic surgery. I have an interview as soon as I walk in. Lucky for me it is a guy and he tells me they are not really hiring anyone right now but he asks what do I have to offer.

I honestly have never had a job before so my answer is not as enticing as my actions. I get on my hands and knees in front of him and suggest that I show him why I am an asset!

I take his dick out and start to fuck it in my hand. He looks surprised but is enjoying every second of it. I open my mouth and shove his bare dick in my mouth. I pump him in and out of my throat, sucking every inch of his swollen hard cock. I keep pumping it in and out of my mouth making that cock build up full of cum.

I can offer facial services, I tell him. He looks at me and I suck faster and harder. He finally starts twitching his dick and I can tell it is about to bust. I suck it a few more times and I let his dick paint my face full of cum!

So what do you think? Do I have the job?

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