Dirty Secrets

Dirty phone talk

 Now that school is out I am so happy. Daddy and I live on the river connected to a spring, we have parties all the time and I invite everyone from school but this year I invited my teacher., but he and I know technically I am not his student anymore. Hes hot, I passed with an A and the whole year the body language and chemistry between us two has been so damn sexual. So I knew I was going to get his cock. We grilled, had beer and corn hole. My dad not care that he came because daddy knows how much of a little slut I am. I am always focused on boys, school and daddy, but not today my eyes are all on Mr. Kranz well David (

He’s got the sexiest butt and I just couldn’t wait to have my mouth wrapped around his cock and his fingers to be shoved in my tight little ass hole. I brought him into my room while every one was playing corn hole and swimming. We kissed and damn was it good. As, he started to take my clothes off Sara came in a girl from my class same period that I had mr. Kraz in. She came to confess her love and sexual desires to both of us. We were so astonished and turned on that we all got in bed together kissed and fucked. It was such an amazing orgasm having them both I could get so used to it. It was the best and most erotic moment of my life. Who knew David could be so good at pleasing us both at the same fucking time. God damn we had the hottest three sum. 

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