Dirty Submissive Black Girl

dirty talking womenMicheal loves my huge areolas and nipples. And maybe he loves them a little too much because he wants to do more than just lick and suck on them. He wants to use his teeth to pull on my nipples and he isn’t gentle. He likes to hear me whimper and moan in pain, it makes his dick hard. He pinches and twists on my hard nipples until tears fall down my face. He calls me, a beautiful victim as he clamps wooden clothespins to my tits. I scream and beg for him to stop and like a light switch his whole demeanor changes. He removes the clothespins and softly licks my aching nipples. The rollercoaster of pain and pleasure makes my pussy so sloppy wet. He shoves two fingers deep inside me and finger-fucks me so good that I squirt. Michael has me hooked on his sadistic tendencies and I keep going back to him for more.

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