Dirty Taking Women Rule Quarantine

Every man needs dirty talking women in their life, and that is especially true now. I’m a dirty girl that wants to own your ass and make you a pathetic schmuck like a few of my callers already. I threaten exposure with blackmail and getting them to do things for me. What would you do for a hot Bitch Goddess like me? I bet you will drive out to a glory hole and suck some strangers cock. You will report to me when you get there, and I expect a picture of the building, at least. I expect you to get the nerve up and go into the adult store and back to the booths. I expect you to pay and wait in one for those cocks to come through those holes. I will also expect a call so I can guide you into taking that first cock in your mouth. If you do not have the balls to get out of the car then I expect you to jerk off in your car for me as we talk about it. I want you exposed as a pervert jerking it in your car in the parking lot of an adult video shop and i expect you to not be shy about it either. You will be my bitch. I will talk dirty to you and laugh at any of those sensual fantasies you try to bring me since I am here for those No taboo phone sex topics. No taboo means I do not hold out on anything. I will talk about anything and if it’s taboo it is even better, in my world taboo is how you stand apart from the sheep. Be a wolf, be bold and do what I say. I will be your Bitch Goddess, I know this to be true.

Dirty Talking Women

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