Dirty Talking Stripper Mommy


All these married men come in here looking for dirty talking women and they get rock hard when I start grinding on their ass like I am a little one sitting on daddy’s lap!

I always get the best action when I dress like a little girl at the strip club!

I don’t mind at all. I love the cock and I need the cash!

But my own little pre whore can get a bit jealous when she sees men grabbing at me squeezing my ass and grabbing my firm tits!

The little one still thinks these tits are hers!Dirty Talking Women

But seeing that tiny little thing run out in her little pig tails and pretty lipstick covered face…well, let’s just say, a lot men leave here with a big cum stain on their pants!

Last week I caught her sitting on a mans lap, holding her little panties open, asking a man to slip a dollar in!

Don’t get me wrong…I love pimping the pre-whore out….but I can get more money for her tight little kitty after the show!

She always goes to the top bidder and watching him drive his cock into her baby girl pussy gets me sooo wet!

I love watching that pretty pink mouth wrap around those meaty cocks and her eyes get so big when that fat head hits the back of her throat!

And that tiny pussy can squeeze the cum out of a cock like it’s a tube of yogurt!

But I am a good mommy, tho!

I am not just another mommy phone sex slut!

I always lick and suck the cum out off that pretty pink bald pussy so she is nice and fresh for the next meaty cock!


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