Dirty talking teens

Dirty talking women


There’s something about older men that makes me so hot. I love dressing in tight and revealing clothes and looking like a little slut to tease and tempt them. I know they get so tempted and want to fuck me, but they often hesitate because I’m young enough to be their daughter or even their grand daughter. My dad’s friend had been eyeing me for years and I knew he wanted to fuck me bad, but could never make a move. I got his phone number off of my dad’s cell and sent him some racy pictures of myself. I posed on my bed and spread my pussy and took a nice sexy picture of it. When he saw my little pink baby girl pussy all spread open for him, he begged me to meet him at a hotel and fuck him. I went there and he pulled me inside and threw me onto the bed. I didn’t wear any panties, so I just spread my legs and he shoved his hard cock into my tight cunnie. He fucked me all night over and over. When I finally left in the morning, my pussy felt so stretched and used and full of his cum. It was amazing!

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