Dirty Talking Woman Are Perfect Submissive Whores

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Woman will be a perfect Submissive Whore. I love knowing I take all my master has to give me. I was caged up by my last master, only to come out for him to use my holes. He loved sticking his cock between the cage bars and would me make suck and choke on his dick until it leaked. Then he let me out only to bend me over and fuck my pussy hole. He loved jack hammering his dick in me until my cunt was raw and red. If he didn’t nut yet that is when he would stick his dick deep in my ass.  after all the times he fucked my ass hard and deep I ended up loving it. Especially when I could feel his cock pulse from pumping his thick gooey nut in me. During Dirty phone talk I get to go back to those times I was in the cage and out of it.   

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