Dirty Talking Woman Are Rape Fantasy Whores

Dirty Talking Women are perfect for the rape fantasy whore lover. I was sleeping when I woke up to the flashing of a camera.

Dirty Talking Women

I sleep naked so right away tried to run out my bedroom door but he jumped on top of me and stuffed my panties in my mouth and tied up my hands. He tased me to the point where I passed out, I woke up to him fulfilling his rape fantasy by fucking my asshole open and ripping it with every pump from his massive cock. He told me I was a stupid whore for sleeping naked and that he was going to show me what I am made for, to be his cum bucket. He took the taser and shoved it up my cunt and turned it on. As my body shock and pulsed from being shocked he continued to pump my asshole until I felt him start to fill me up with his big load.  He punched me in the face and I woke up naked with his cum leaking out my asshole. Dirty phone talk gets my cunt dripping all I want is to cum.  

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