dirty talking women

dirty talking womenI should have realized that dirty talking women eventually get precisely what they beg for in the end. I for one didn’t think my boyfriend was serious about the whole thing I thought we were playing a simple game of truth or dare. I was beyond wrong; It was nothing but a set up for him to do what he has always wanted. His whole schpeel ended up being him getting his fantasy of a hardcore threesome. He wanted my best friend and me to be his torture fuck dolls for the night. I lost the game and had to do what he wanted; I invited my friend Sylvia to fuck with us. My friend Sylvia is a hot slut who loves to fuck me, yes we have had some fun together. I’m all about having a sweet pussy in front of me ready to lick. Well, my boyfriend wanted us to dominate each other in front of him, He was getting off a site of us whipping each other and using a hot paddle on one another. He liked watching us scissor fuck and dominate each other. 

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