Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talk I had a very special client who called to say he would be over for my little girl. He wanted her good and clean inside and out. She doesn’t particularly like this client he is a bit rough. But she will learn in time. I get her into the shower and wipe her cute little body all down. I take an enema and shove it up her ass. She whined and I gave her a good slap on her ass. Telling her to behave. Then I give her nice tight little cunny a finger blast. Have to warm her up. Get them a bit stretched out. She knew he was coming over and I could tell she was nervous. I slapped her on her face this time. I told her she better behave he is a real good paying client. She straightened her face up and let me dress her up real nice in a cute little pink lace pajama shorts and a matching top. We heard the knock at the door and I placed her on my bed. Going to let my client in. Like a good little girl whore in training, when we got back to the bedroom she was kneeling up on the bed and had a huge smile on her face. He was pleased and went straight for her with me following. I pulled down her lace bottoms and spread her asscheeks and cunny lips showing him those nice clean out holes. He got his cock out which was all ready rock hard. I took a hold of his cock and helped guided his cock into her nice tight ass. He moaned as he pushed the rest of the way into tight ass. You could hear the stretching it was an amazing sound. My cunt gushed. If this kind of dirty phone talk gets you all horny and hard. Mm sweetie I am waiting to cum with you.

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