Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talk You have the camera on me watching me tickle my nipples and slide my hand down my panties. You can hear my soft moans, I love knowing you are filming me pleasuring myself and going to film us fucking for hours. You finally put the camera walking up behind me. Putting your hands on my shoulders and sliding them down onto my tits. I keep moaning, my nipples respond to your touch. I keep my fingers between my cunt lips, and I lean up and kiss you. You lay my slutty body down on the luv sofa my head hanging over the edge. I arch my back and my tits push into your groping hands. Your balls just above my eyes I open wide and let my tongue slither out. You groan as my tongue hits your balls. I hear you gasp out “oh yeah slut just like that.” I wrap my lips around your balls sac, massaging them in my warm mouth. I vibrate my mouth, swishing your balls around my tongue. You slip your balls out of my mouth, giving me open access to the underside of your shaft. Shifting your cock over my tongue letting me get a good taste of your manhood. You grab me by the throat tightly and shove your tongue down my throat. I hear you whisper “I am not done with your my mouth yet you little whore.” And then you lay me back down my head again laying over the edge. You grab both my tits forcibly with your big strong man hands. I spread my lips, swirling my tongue around your cock head before you slip deep into my mouth. Your heavy balls hitting my nose with each stroke. I slide my fingers back into my sloppy wet pussy and into my fuck hole. I want to cum in my panties at the same time you cum down my throat. thank you for letting me share my Dirty phone talk with you.

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