Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talkI am having a sleepover with some very young cute wee ones. I met Matt at a local club a week or so ago. He truly is a sadistic son of a bitch, but his fantasy of him describing how he wanted to brutally torture and force fuck young wee ones with me helping and partaking in all the fun made me so fucking hot I fucking creamed in my panties! He described how he wanted to tear their little cunts up and pull their anus out of their asses. I begged him to let me make his fantasy become a reality. After making me blow his thick rod he gave me permission to go ahead and set everything up. And that is exactly what I did! I lured 6 little wee ones from the trashy part of town back to my house. I told them we were going to have princess night and of course Matt was there. I told the girls he was the king for the night and we needed to obey and please him. The wee ones were most anxious, and for some of them, it was not their first time being with a man. A few of the wee ones were a little nervous and had no idea what to do. But that was part of the reason why I was there to calm and guide them. Matt had the wee ones along with me in a circle with our ass up high in the air and facing him as he stood in the middle of us. He took his belt and gave each one of us hard wacks on our asses. I was laughing I heard some whimpers and cries come from the wee ones. That sound was music to my ears. And the fun was only starting. I know you want to hear more of this nasty taboo story and I want to tell you so much more. Dirty phone talk with me is only 7 digits away.

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