Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talk My neighbor Glenn and I have been fucking for years. He still lives at home with mommy and daddy. I suppose he sees no reason to leave, His mommy does all his cooking and cleaning up after him, his daddy pays all his bills, and he has me the slut next door to fuck anytime. yes, I know it is pretty pathetic for a grown man to still live at home. But these are the men who need sluts like me the most! On the plus side he is a kinky son of a bitch, however, I did not realize how kinky he was into he caught his mom fucking three black dudes in her bed. Glenn came right over to tell me what he had witnessed. His solution to what he saw was to blackmail his mom into being his fucking sex slave. I was so fucking turned on and shocked at what he said. I never knew he had such devious thought rambling on in his head. I wanted in on his wicked idea and I told him as such. I wanted his mom to be a slut for both of us. A huge smile came across Glenn’s face and I knew then he loved the idea. We waited for his mom’s company to leave before we made our way over there. We did not give her much time to clean up, She thought Glenn was working late and had no idea he had caught her earlier banging the three BBC. But lucky for us, he got off early. When we walked in she was shocked to see us both but she was trying to play it off as if she had been alone all night. She was not fooling either one of us. The more she played it off the more nervous she looked. Glenn sat her down and told her exactly what he had witnessed and exactly how things were going to play on out from now on. She did not want to lose her meal ticket. She was begging him not to say a word to his father. She was fucking putty in our hands. This is the type of Dirty phone talk I love to masturbate too.

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