Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have so much phone fun. Honestly, it should be illegal for me to make so much money talking to perverts. I have one regular who talks dirty to me for hours. Last week it was 12 hours of phone fun. We were getting high together and talking about incest. He loves dirty moms like me. The higher I get the more I need to have taboo sex. My two horny boys are off school for the summer. They don’t like to go too long without mommy’s pussy. I don’t like to go too long without their boy dicks either. I got so high I let the boys fuck me while I was talking dirty. I told them they could nut in mommy if they were very quiet. They are well trained horn dogs. If I told them to stand on their heads to fuck me, they would do just that to get to their mommy’s sweet wet pussy. My mom lives with us now, she woke up to pee and saw that we were still up. My caller wanted my mommy to lick up the creampie mess between my legs. I came so hard when my mommy licked her grandsons’ cum out of my pussy. Family p dirty phone talk is the best, don’t you agree?

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