dirty talking women

dirty talking women

I love dirty talking women like myself. One day I was in class and my professor must of gotten bent out of shape that I was on my phone while he was doing a class lecture. What can I say his class was so fucking boring I could literally gnaw my eyes out and pull them out myself. I had to keep busy. Can you blame me? It was boring as can be and i wanted to do some sexting. I ended up texting this guy that  I was so into and wanted to fuck. My professor grabbed my phone from my hand and reprimanded me about texting in class. After break he must of gone thru it because he asked me to stay after class. I should of known I was staying after to be used like a slut. He must of liked all my naked pictures. I don’t mind giving him an up close and personal view but i was not going to fuck him. I was going to tease him to the point he would get blue balls.

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