Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women Master loves Dirty Talking Women it gets him so hot and horny when he hears me doing my phone sex calls. Master loves to give me material to talk about on these sexy chats. Master calls me his kitten but says I am his fuck toy. His little whore. I melt with those words as he uses my body for his pleasure. My cunt gets gushy wet when I feel my collar slip around my neck. He chains me up and leads me to my cage locking me in. He opens the side window of the cage and orders my ass to the hole. He spreads my ass cheeks wide rubbing up against my fuck hole. He presses a finger in my tight ass and I squirm a bit. He takes his whip and strikes me hard. I yelp and start to cry as he yells. “Stay still you stupid cunt!” My ass is stinging I whimper out softly. “Yes Master I love you, I will be a good kitten for you.” He is pissed now I feel his finger roughly enter my ass shoving it in as he calls me all sorts of degrading names. Every time I move he swats me hard with his whip. He has had enough he takes his cock head and pushes it in my ass with no mercy. And starts to ruthlessly pound in and out of me. I am screaming his fingers digging into my hips showing me I am completely his fuck toy for his use anytime anyway. He explodes his nut deep in my ass and then pushes my ass back down in the cage closing the side door. I think he is about to unlock the cage and let me out. But instead, he gets dressed and walks over to his friend’s house. Hours later he comes home opens the side door again for a blow job. And he still does not let me out! He lays down and goes to sleep leaving me in the cage all night. He tells me I need to learn I am too bratty and have not learned my place as his property. He is sick of the back talk. I can’t wait to have Dirty phone talk to tell the rest of my story.

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