Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are what every man likes, right? I was at this swank retirement party for my husband’s boss. I didn’t want to be there. It was one of those things you do for love, you know? I was trying to talk and act like a good suburban wife, but that is tough for me. I excused myself to the little girl’s room to powder my nose. I needed to do a line if I was going to get through the boring chit chat and fake pleasantries. As I was coming out, I bumped into this cute Mexican catering guy. He said something in Spanish I was sure was dirty by the look on his face. I pushed him back in the bathroom and blew him in a stall. I had him stand on the toilet in case a lady came in and saw two sets of feet. This was not the function to be a total whore. I undid his work pants and out came a nice brown dick. He was thick too. He had a tree trunk between his legs. I blew him like I was some lot lizard skank. He came in my mouth quickly. Yummy. I went back to the boring party high and with cum breath. I am much more in my element when I am coked up.

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