Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women Dirty Talking WomenSonya is the newest member of the Dirty Talking Women P-mommy club. About a year ago she came to me almost begging me to take her under my wing and show her the ways. She caught me with my little boy’s dick in my mouth. Honestly, I knew she was watching in the window which only made my performance grander. I could tell long before she busted me she would make a great P-mommy all she needed was some guidance from the right person. And she found it in me. I have been training her with the help of my offspring and my older offspring’s little tikes. She is doing really well! She gets all the little ones excited about exploring their little bodies and the weird things that happen when they get horny. Just yesterday she had my youngest teenager bent over and she was fucking him with a strap on. She had her nails dug deep into his hips. And she was grinding that strap on deep in his ass. He was loving it. She gave him permission to jerk himself off but not to cum. He was begging her to go deeper in his ass. And today she had my youngest daughter. I had Sonya lay down on her back and I put Tina on top of her in the sixty-nine position. I opened up Sonya’s cunt lips giving Tina better access to Sonya’s clit and wet fuck hole. Sonya was directing Tina by making Tina copy everything Sonya was doing to Tina’s little cunny. I sat back and I watched them with my dildo in my cunt fuck hole. As I am watching this live porno the phone rings and it was a client wanting some Dirty phone talk. I told him I was watching my daughter and sweet young neighbor eat each other’s cunts out and he could hear the two girls in the background slurping away. He started cumming over the phone. Hearing him and watching my girls squirt on each other’s faces made me squirt on my dildo.

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