Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have dirty lives to talk about. I am in this line of work because I need someone to talk to. Much like I imagine you do too. Men call women like me because they have experiences or fantasies they can’t share with their partners. I keep everyone’s dirty secrets. I have had a few of my own. Currently, I am banging my teen nephew. No one can know because of his age. He is still in high school. If my sister found out, she would have me arrested. He is worth the risk. His cock is always as hard as a rock. He is never soft around me. He doesn’t need a blue pill like most men my age either. Seriously, I live for his cock. Since my son went to college, I no longer get fucked daily. My nephew makes up for it because he fucks me for hours. He cums and keeps on fucking me until he is erect again. I can’t get enough. I enjoy incest sex more than regular sex. See why I need the job? Who else could I share this with but my fellow perverts?

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