Dirty talking women

dirty talking women

I have totally got my eye on this really attractive guy at the mall. He works at a both and I have been seeing him every week. He always gives me the same look, checking me from head to toe and biting his lip. When I see him do that, I immediately gush down my thighs. I can not help but want his cock buried deep inside of me.

I am going up to him today to chit chat with him. He calls me out and says how I am not interested at all in the things he is selling, instead I am interested in him. I blush, -guilty. He tells me that he is flattered however his girl is showing up with in ten minutes. I do not know what to say, so instead we shoot small talk as I keep showing more and more of my body off.

His girl shows up in no time, and I can not believe it. However, it is my best friends sister whom is dating this dude.  He plays it cool and they both invite me to go eat lunch with them. As we go, I sit across one side of the table from them. My feet find their way into his lap as she talks and talks.. and I pretend to pay attention.

His eyes are having such a hard time rolling into the back of his head as I start stroking his cock with my bare feet. She says she is going to go get the food and I dismiss myself to the restroom, knowing this guy will do the same.

We finally barge into the bathroom and I strip him down, and get on my hands and knees. I start fucking his cock all the way down my throat. His dick is so yummy. He lifts me up and puts my ass on the sink and my back slams up against the mirror. I take him thrust deep and hard inside of me. I can not wait to have more fun with him!

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