Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women Dirty Talking Women are sexy but I am a dirty talking Grandma. I like to tell the stories of my grandtwats and how I molest their little bodies. Feeling the softness of their young bodies as my hands grope up and down them. I like to get two of my grandtwats together preferably one of each a boy and a girl. I take one hand and open up her little cunny lips and stroke my other grandtwat with my fingers. I feel her cunny starting to moist and his little dicky get hard. I take them and push their little mouths one on each my nipples. They drink my grandma juice as I continue to play with them. I got my finger in her tight cunny and feels so fucking amazing my cunt is just dripping down my thigh. I push both their heads down between my legs. I spread my grandma cunt lips and tell them both to lick on my clit with their little tongues. They were so curious about everything. My grandson was stroking his own cock just like I was doing to him moments before. And the same with my granddaughter she had her finger in her cunny and wiggling it around inside her just like I was just doing to her. But they were good little twats keeping their mouth on my clit. they both said I tasted so good and my granddaughter wondered if she tasted just as good. So I laid her little body down, opened her legs wide and my grandson and I both licked at her. I stuck a finger back in and pumped it a few times before I pulled it out and let her taste herself on my fingers. That got her really excited and she pleaded for more. Which turned me on even more. When you call me for our Dirty phone talk I will tell you the rest of this hot night I had with my grandtwats little soft bodies.

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