Dirty talking women

Dirty phone talk I get so horny when I do Dirty phone talk with my daughter Inez. Inez and I went to the sex shop to find a new double-headed dildo. But when we got to the shop there were so many different ones to choose from. We could not make this decision on our own we had to get the opinion of the men in the shop. Those men were very eager to help my daughter and me. We were asking them which one do they think would be the best fit for making us both cum. We just couldn’t decide and one guy suggested that we tried out the double-headed dildo before we decide which one to purchase. I thought wow what a great idea I get to cum and I get to put on a show with my sexy little daughter. Two things I really enjoy the most. We did not even bother going in the back room we stripped down right there and got on all fours in front of everybody. Inez and I slid our cunts back and forth on a few double headed dildos but neither one of us was satisfied with how it was feeling inside our cunts. We were getting discouraged that maybe we would not find the right one. But on the fourth one, we tried fit us perfectly. When we slid our cunts on this dildo and it was like magic for both of us. All the men were stroking themselves but Inez and I invited them all to use our mouth instead. More men came into the shop to use our mouths and watch our show because they got the text saying Two Dirty talking Women giving out free blow jobs and a hot kinky show at the sex shop on the corner.

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