Dirty talking women

dirty talking women

I caught my son watching porn again! This is so frustrating since I give him all the mommy pussy he could ever want. I grabbed him by the cock and dragged him to his bed. I looked at him and with a stern look and began to suck his cock. I licked the head and the shaft and made my way down to his balls. Licking and slurping his hard cock, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my cell phone.

I told him to record everything, I looked into the camera and began deep throating his cock, shoving it as deep and as far down the back of my throat as I could. I began gagging forcing his cock deeper and deeper into the back of my throat. My son pushed my head down deeper forcing his hard mushroom head to pre cum down my throat. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and shoved it inside my mommy pussy.

My son tried his best to hold the camera still while mommy fucked his hard throbbing cock with her mommy cunt. I bounced up and down making sure his shaft rubbed up against the sides of my pussy. His head kept hitting my cervix and my tits were all up in his face bouncing up and down consistently hitting his face. I turned my body around this time riding his cock with my ass, letting him tape his cock sliding in and out of mommy’s holes.

The longer he recorded the more kinky the video became. I spit in his mouth and made him eat out my pussy after he busted his load in me. Then we snowballed his cum in each other’s mouths. I pissed in his face and he pissed inside my ass hole, shortly after he  licked it up as it leaked down my ass cheeks. Once we were done fucking I grabbed his computer and smashed it to the ground, then I pointed at the phone and told him to watch our video instead. I guess I did what all great mommy’s would do making my house porn free.

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