Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking WomenI told my daughter right from the start that she would be just like all the Dirty Talking Women before her. I taught her all about her heritage and her roots. She comes from a long line of women that have been born being the horny dirty freak they were always destined to be. She grew up knowing that this lifestyle was simply what had always been destined for her, and she took extra care to learn about the women before her. We can bring back our family tree quite a while back but she does remember her grandma and her great-grandma. The ones before that she has learned all had a similar trait of being the best at sucking cock. My daughter was thrilled to brag to me that she too had inherited that trait. I started her doing Dirty phone talk early too, grooming her to be the perfect fuck. She is the only thing that gets me off, and I made sure she knew that some family fun is always okay, no matter what anyone else says. It happens more than you think and it’s all a Mommy like me craves. Ever since I found out I had a bun in the oven I have rubbed my cunt more and more. My cunt has only gotten creamier over time. Throughout little Inez’s life, I would rub my cunt or finger this juicy cunt at every chance I got. She was too young to know what was happening but now she helps me get off. She is such a good girl, she makes me proud and is always ready to show a man just how fucking dirty she is. Just like me, she has no limits and she loves to join in with me. She’s been raised by me, and all the women before her and they all were like this totally dirty.

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