Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women“I need Dirty Talking Women in my life.” He said panting like a dog I could hear him stroking is his cock nice and hard and I must admit it made my pussy soaking fucking wet. I got my dildo out and shoved it in my cunt and started bouncing and grinding up and down on it but that was just not enough. So I grabbed my other dildo and shoved it deep in my ass. Now I was bouncing up and down and grinding on both of them. He could hear over the phone that I was fucking myself hard. My boobs were slapping me in the face. I bounce harder and faster. Making myself squirt my thick cunt juices all over my bed making a huge mess. He was loving every detail I was giving him. He asked me if I had a furry mutt around and of course I do. His name is Max and yes I fuck him daily at least once if not several different times a day. This got him really going and he begged me to fuck the mutt and give him every little fucking detail I possibly could. So I did Max jumped on my back and started clawing at me as his mutt dick found its way into my sloppy soaking wet cunt. Like wild beast does he was fucking me relentlessly giving my cunt no mercy. Pounding me harder and faster then I ever could with my own dildo. His mutt dick started to swell and I could feel the pain mixed with the pure pleasure of him fucking me. I was screaming and howling like a mutt bitch in heat and then I could not stop squirting all over this mutts fucking dick. I fucking love Dirty phone talk.

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