Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

You should know one thing before you call me – I’m one of those dirty talking women that you will never be able to get out of your mind.  I have been told on more than one occasion by more than one man that they can’t ever quit me. I don’t mind that at all. In fact, it just shows me how weak men are and how much control I have. I’ve got men that constantly beg to talk to me and I tell them that I’ll talk anytime but they’ll have to spoil the shit out of me if they want the kind of attention they are asking for.

Basically what I’m saying is that you’re going to NEED me. And if you want it to be like that, you’re going to become my sugar daddy. Don’t I deserve to be spoiled? I mean, it’s only fair. You get what you want and I will get what I want. I don’t give my time to just anyone, so if you call me you’re going to have to prove to me that you’re special. So why don’t you call me and tell me what you’ll give to me and then I’ll turn into a dirty slut for you.

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