Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have the best stories to share. The taboo kind too. I am a P mommy. I have a big brood of whores under my roof. Daddy and I pimp them out. I was pimped out as a young girl, but Daddy and I treat our little whores far better than my parents treated me. I spent my youth chained up inside a dirty pop-up trailer. My showers were with hoses and dog shampoo. I never went to school. I never knew affection from my folks. I was their cash cow. That was all I was good for to them. My brats fuck wealthy old men whereas my folks pimped my holes out to truck drivers and travelers. My sexy prostitutes are in school. They have nice clothes and their own rooms. They have all the modern technological devices to keep up with the Jonses too. My whores love being whores because they like having their own money. I never saw a dime my parents got for the brutal fucking I endured from rednecks. I am not like my parents though. I love my money-making whores. Happy whores are the best whores. Just last night my oldest teen slut came home from a daddy gang bang with more money than any of us expected. This client was so pleased with what a good whore she was that he tipped her a few grand. That all stays in her pocket. Money is a great motivator for young whores. I love my family of whores and they love me. I am full of Lolita stories to share. Dirty phone sex is the only sex with me.

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