Dirty Talking Women sell bald cunty

Dirty Talking Women know how to use their young sluts to make money of pcocks who need a bald cunty. “This way, she is waiting for you” I said as I led you to your paid price.  Then your mouth drops to the floor when you see her naked body and spread legs. Your hands grope her perky tits and I can see your cock pushing on your pants making a big tent. “Let me help you baby” I say as I let your boner lose.

Dirty Talking Women

 Your fingers slide down to her bald cunty as you poke your cock to her mouth. “Open up little slut and suck on pdaddies cock”. After she hears that her little mouth opens wide taking your cock in deep. “ you have taught this little whore well” you compliment me as you use her mouth to jack your peacock off. “ I have been wanting a little slut to feed for a long time”. “Are you ready to be fed?” Is what you ask her as you fuck her little throat.

Even after she has tears streaming down her cheeks, you keep fucking her mouth hard. “Bend her over ” you demand of me and I bend her pretty ass over quickly. I don’t care since I am getting paid. Your cock slammed in her cunt hard. After moaning for a bit I know you are ready to cum. “It is extra if you fill her up” i make it known. But instead of filling her up you pull your cock out and push it back in her mouth. “Eat my load pretty bitch” you tell her as you fill her tummy up with semen.

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