Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking WomenThis is Jen a Domme Bitch That Master loves to use me with. I am not one to obey women so much. I prefer a Master. But Domme Jen is one I willingly submit to. She knows I do dirty phone sex. So she has this special knack for putting me into check. I almost forget she is a Domme and not a Master. She makes me feel as good as Master does. When she gets on that 9 inch strap on and shoves into one of my fuckable holes. She fucks me good. She speeds up and slows down and grinds that dildo deep in me. Making me gasp and beg for more. When she is eating my cunt out she has this little trick where she will zap me with a 9 volt battery right on my clit. Making my body jerk and squirt instantly into her mouth. That is when I just clamp my thighs tightly around her head, and squeeze. When she has me on all 4rs She takes this little tiny whip and swats my ass real quick left to right and back again. I can feel the heat come off my ass. The strikes penetrate thru my flesh and sends chills up my spine. My hips push back on her just as if she was Master. When she is fisting me I can not help but to make your fist sloppy soaking wet. It seems no matter how she fucks me I can not help but cum over and over. Master does join in later on but first he likes to watch and take pictures and video for the internet. Sometimes we go for hours before Master joins in. I am hoping that some of the pictures and videos make it into your hands for your viewing pleasure. They are floating around on the big world of internet.

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