Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talkI know you want to get on the phone and talk with a nasty hoe like me and have lots of dirty phone talk. And I want that too baby. I want you to tell me all the nasty things you wanna do to this white whore trash. You need a toilet? I bet you need a tongue to wipe that ass. Or maybe just much at your ass for pleasure. I love mutts and fucking them too. The way that furry dick slithers in and out of my stretched out twat hole is fucking unreal. And when he mount and does his knotty thing. Ohh it hurts but makes me squirt, squirt, squirt! As I am squealing from the mutt on my back keeping me there making me his bitch. I will beg for your dick in my mouth. I want your cum too. Muffle my screams as you fuck my mouth harder and harder. I will swallow on you. What else can you think of? I love orgy’s and gangbangs. I love to do roleplays. I can be the naughty nurse or your little girl. Mm I could be your sex slave. Use me up for your pleasure. You have any wee ones I can fuck too? I love a nice young cunny or dick to play with. Maybe teach them a thing or 2. How about a force scene. I love a good fight. You can hide in my house and surprise me. Overpower me as I try my best to fight you. Tearing my clothes off. And fucking the shit out of me until I bleed. I love my drugs too!! Give me so many drugs I pass out I will wake up and not a fucking clue what you did to me. There are so many more crazy wicked make my cunt soaked thoughts I have running threw my head. What about you? I cannot wait to share with you!

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