Dirty Talking Women and Big Dicks

dirty talking women

When it comes to dirty talking women, I’m the cream of the crop. I’m a whore in real life, so of course that translates over into my phone sex adventures. Don’t you love it when you find a woman who will do anything and everything to please you? As long as you have a big dick, that is! I can’t even imagine fucking less than 8 inches. If you take your pants off and I see a huge cock, I’m going to be on my knees with my mouth open so fast your head will spin. Sucking big dicks is one of the most satisfying things ever.

And of course, I love spreading my legs when there’s a huge cock involved. On my back, bent over, or riding – it makes no difference to me. As long as my cunt is all filled up, that’s all that matters. And when you call me and tell me you want to hear about all the fun you could have with me, trust that it’s going to be the nastiest fun you could ever imagine. If you’re ready for the time of your life with a size queen, pick up the phone, Daddy.

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