Dirty Talking Women and Desperate Nasty Hos

dirty talking womenDirty talking women make the best phone sluts. I am more than just a dirty talking broad, however. I can border on the sick and demented side of the phone world. I am a submissive whore with a huge nose candy problem. That makes me weak Weak makes me desperate. Desperate makes me fun for men like you. I needed to score Friday night. My husband cut off my allowance when he realized it was all going up my nose. I didn’t freak out, not at first at least. I am a woman; a sexy MILF. I can use my body for coke. I don’t have a moral compass or respect for my body. I have been trading sex for drugs for over a year now. My regular dealer got locked up recently. I pedaled my pussy to all the other dealers I knew. They all passed on “well used goods.” They didn’t want my skank holes. I was told there was only one guy in town who enjoyed trashy pussy. I was desperate, so I went to see him yesterday. He agreed to give me coke in exchange for easy access to my holes. There was nothing easy about what I had to do. I couldn’t make up the degrading shit I had to do to score some powder, not even on a dirty hooker phone sex call. He wanted to fist my ass and pussy. There was a catch. As if fisting wasn’t a big enough catch, he wanted to use no lube, so my holes gapped wide enough for him to piss in them. I was all out of blow and weed, so I felt every inch of his hand going in and out of my worn holes. I was gaped so wide, him and his pals could piss in my ass from across the room. What can I do? He is the only one who will trade me sex for blow.

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