Dirty Talking Women and Grannies

dirty talking womenThe best dirty talking women are grandmas. Why? Because we have experience and lots of dirty stories. I am a P woman, and incest whore and just a dirty old woman. I have less inhibitions the older I get. Things I do now, I never thought of doing when I was a younger woman. I was hesitant to fuck my oldest son when I was in my 30s. He was a teenager then and he was making the moves on his sexy mommy. I resisted his subtle and not so subtle attempts to seduce his mommy. Now, I am a grandma and I play with his son and daughter who are way younger than he was when we started the family fun. I cannot believe I never sucked a hairless cock until I became a grandma. I never licked a bald pussy either. Now, this dirty grandma is a P granny who has family orgies with her offspring and their offspring combined. Why I waited with my sons and daughters until they were teenagers is beyond me. If you are hesitant too, then you need some dirty phone talk with a P woman like me. I will tell you how great it is to taste a bald slit. How great it is to get hammered by a stiff young cock. A young girl has no experience with those bald cunts except for the fact that she still has a bald cunt too. I will tell you how to enjoy a young boy or girl from my own personal experience.

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